Marty Rosenblatt - ARV-Investment Club Approach Versus Independent Viewing (IRVA 2007)
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Marty Rosenblatt - ARV-Investment Club Approach Versus Independent Viewing (IRVA 2007)

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Marty Rosenblatt - ARV-Investment Club Approach Versus Independent Viewing (IRVA 2007)

Is remote viewing just an interesting parlor trick, or is it valuable in the real world? Marty Rosenblatt answers this question by telling us about "applied precognition" - a special form of remote viewing known as ARV, or "associative remote viewing." He and other members of an investment club he has formed have correctly predicted changes in the stock market over 60% of the time, making money in the process. Mr. Rosenblatt explains how this is not only a valuable approach to making money, but a wonderful tool for personal growth as well. He talks us through how both ARV and the investment club works, and to those who worry about using mental powers for monetary gain, he points out that in our society money is power, and thus important in all aspects of life. He is very convincing as he argues that the only way remote viewing and other forms of ESP can ever be accepted is through ARV and other successful applications being embraced at the grassroots level. His slogan? "Precognition is real - apply it in your life!

Marty Rosenblatt holds a B.A. and M.S. in physics from University of California at Los Angeles. Marty has worked as a computational physicist and managed many projects in development and application of sophisticated computer programs for analyzing high-energy problems of interest to the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA such as hypervelocity impact and nuclear weapons effects. He was a founder, CEO and senior staff scientist of PhysiComp Corporation (1994) and its internet subsidiary. The company was later acquired and Marty is now President of PIA (Physics Intuition Applications Corporation).

Rosenblatt is the writer and editor of the online magazine, Connections Through Time. He has designed, managed, and participated in eight associative remote viewing (ARV) protocols. These protocols involved trading in financial markets and were developed and improved over many years. In addition to his role at PIA, he currently teaches financial ARV workshops at the Monroe Institute.

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