Pam Coronado - Remote Viewing Crime (IRVA 2007)
IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2007
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Pam Coronado - Remote Viewing Crime (IRVA 2007)

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Pam Coronado - Remote Viewing Crime (IRVA 2007)

The star of Discovery network's "Sensing Murder" program rejects the hocus-pocus, the flowing robes and turbans, and the tarot cards to give us the quick, down, and dirty on what it is really like to be a successful psychic detective. Pam's delightfully down-to-earth style lets the stories and details speak for themselves. She tells us how she learned the skills, the do's and the don'ts of forensic ESP: what to watch out for, principles to practice and apply, and she gives us juicy insights into a number of cases, both high profile and low, that she has successfully taken on (did you know, for example, that DC-sniper Lee Malvo spilled his guts when a suggestion she gave the FBI interrogator got Malvo talking about the movie "The Matrix"?). She discusses perennial questions such as whether making money with ESP is wrong, how to deal with frontloading in a police case, or how to handle the emotional impact often experienced by psychics investigating vicious crimes.

Pam Coronado, star of Discovery Times channel's popular series, Sensing Murder, has been involved in psi criminal work since 1996 when a dream provided her with the information needed to help a search party locate a missing woman in California. Since then, she has consulted as a psychic detective to large and small police departments, state, federal, international and private agencies.

Pam uses clairvoyance and psychometry to gain "insight" into a crime or missing person case. By holding objects worn or loved by the victim, Pam can "tune in" to the person and learn of their current physical state and clues about their location. While no psychic can claim 100% accuracy or provide all of the answers, Pam's work has proven to be astonishingly accurate and helpful on numerous occasions.

Over the past eleven years, Pam has trained and studied with such teachers as Beverly Jaegers and Alan Vaughan to hone her skills in psychometry and clairvoyance. Pam has also trained and practiced in remote viewing methodologies.

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