Dick Allgire - HRVG Methodology: An Overview (IRVA 2007)
IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2007
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Dick Allgire - HRVG Methodology: An Overview (IRVA 2007)

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Dick Allgire - HRVG Methodology: An Overview (IRVA 2007)

A popular Hawaii television newscaster in his regular life, and the 2007 Remote Viewing Conference emcee, Dick Allgire gives us a fun and exciting look at the Hawaii Remote Viewing Guild, its history, and some of its personalities. His main focus, though, is a detailed walk-through of the HRVG remote viewing method, including actual examples of remote viewing sessions conducted by Guild members. Though he says up front his intent for the talk is not to teach anyone to remote view, his detailed explanation of the Guild's process is the next best thing.

Dick Allgire is Vice President of the Hawaii Remote Viewers' Guild (HRVG), and Master of Ceremonies of the 2007 Remote Viewing Conference, sponsored by the International Remote Viewing Association.

Dick Allgire is known for his TV News career spanning 34 years as a reporter and newscaster, and has lectured internationally on remote viewing at scientific symposiums. He is also a certified remote viewing instructor that has trained students worldwide.

He originally trained briefly at the Farsight Institute in Atlanta. Since 1997 he has studied, practiced, and taught remote viewing with the Hawaii Remote Viewers' Guild under the guidance of Glenn Wheaton.

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