Panel Discussion: A Remote Viewer's Code of Ethics (IRVA 2007)
IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2007
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Panel Discussion: A Remote Viewer's Code of Ethics (IRVA 2007)

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Panel Discussion: A Remote Viewer's Code of Ethics (IRVA 2007)

Ethics is definitely not a boring subject in this eclectic and far ranging discussion. From how remote viewing and ESP should be applied in police work, to the ethics of accessing other peoples secrets, a diversity of topics are considered, chewed on, debated, and generally held up for public scrutiny. From Lyn Buchanan's unusual definition of what ethics is, to Paul H. Smith's reasoned look from the perspective of one who teaches ethics at the university level, to signals intelligence expert Glenn Wheaton's views on eavesdropping, to Pam Coronado's experiences with murder cases, to Marty Rosenblatt's theoretical views, the exchange is lively, informative, and never dull.

Lyn Buchanan, is the executive director of Problems>Solutions>Innovations (P>S>I), a remote viewing training and consulting firm. He is a founding director of IRVA.

Pam Coronado, star of the popular TV series, Sensing Murder, has consulted as a psychic detective to police departments and other state and federal agencies.

Marty Rosenblatt is President of PIA (Physics Intuition Applications Corporation). He researches and teaches remote viewing protocols for trading in financial markets.

Paul H. Smith is president of Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc., a company offering remote viewing training. He is president and a founding director of IRVA.

Glenn Wheaton is the president of the Hawaii Remote Viewer's Guild a non-profit organization dedicated to the research and training of remote viewing.

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