Naked Avenger
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Naked Avenger

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Naked Avenger

Stunningly filmed in California, this movie follows a young girl, (played by adult film superstar, Jill Kelly), whose boyfriend has left her stranded on the side of the road without a car. Seeking only to get to her job, to pay her bills, she is picked up by a scout for the seedy underworld of white slavery and prostitution. With this, the action begins... Robbed of everything, including her clothing, the girl escapes only to be tracked through the desolate forests of the California Mountains by the scout, the white slaver, and their minions. The girl must battle her way to freedom while fighting tooth-and-nail, hand-to-hand, and gun-to-gun. A thousand bullets fly as this story unfolds of unwilling girls who must each battle their way to salvation or face the despicable consequences.

Jill Kelly, Robert Mizrahi, Darren LaBreck

Title #243557
Format: DVD-R