Fundamentals of Shooting with David Evans
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Fundamentals of Shooting with David Evans

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Fundamentals of Shooting with David Evans

After 25 years of playing lacrosse, having coached at over 100 camps, clinics, 2 high school varsity lacrosse teams, and assisting with the Brown University men's lacrosse team, David Evans has learned that true quality comes from two places - a focus on the fundamentals and a passion for the game. David is currently the record holder for the fastest shot in the world at 109 miles per hour!

Fundamentals, Mechanics, Shooting Styles & Footwork

The Fundamentals of Shooting will give you mechanics and tips on how to improve your shooting skills and help players understand how great it feels to be able to "shoot the rock". College coaches all over the country are looking for players that have the ability to shoot the ball. In order to spread the defense a player must have range on his shot and the fundamentals of shooting will help every player get a grasp on what it takes to shoot with accuracy, velocity and consistency,

David Evans

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