A New Day for Learning
Produced by The George Lucas Educational Foundation
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A New Day for Learning

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A New Day for Learning

The seven documentary films included on this DVD provide examples of how student learning can be improved during and beyond the school day, taking advantage of after-school or out-of-school periods, including afternoons, evenings, weekends, and summers. The first segment, which provides an overview of model programs and the importance of rethinking how students spend time learning, is followed by six in-depth case studies of programs that feature best practices. These videos, featuring more than sixty minutes of content, are intended to inspire reform and spark conversation.

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--A New Day for Learning--
An overview of after-school and summer programs that engage community partners to help schools redefine learning and provide greater time for a new learning day.

--Learning by Design--
Architectural projects and internships in San Francisco help students build design, mathematics, and science skills.

--Around-the-Clock Learning: John Spry Community School--
In this Chicago preK-12 learning community, primary school classes start at 9 a.m., high school runs from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and rising test scores and a nearly perfect graduation rate are available anytime.

--Pursuing Passions After School--
After School Matters is a vibrant program serving more than 25,000 students who pursue their passions, including in the arts, with the aid of mentors from community organizations across the city.

--The Children's Aid Society--
Healthier kids, a safer school, and improved academic achievement are just a few of the positive effects of this unique long-term partnership between New York City schools and the city's venerable child-welfare organization.

--Betting on Change--
The Las Vegas building boom has stretched the creativity and resources of the fastest-growing school district in the nation, resulting in new approaches to school schedules and online learning.

--The Met: A Passion for Learning--
Grounded in the philosophy of educating "one student at a time," MetWest, in Oakland, California, promotes and creates unique personalized education programs and internships for each student.

Produced with support from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

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