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ELEGY is a visual poem in tribute to those who have served, especially to those who have given their lives to keep us free.

The sheer enormity and uniformity of the tombstones say it all, as if they are standing in military formation for all time. There is transcendent awe and stillness in the light and the mist, like a blanket protecting the rows of graves.

Photographed at Los Angeles National Cemetery, this 10-minute short is not a political statement - nor reflection on war - but a somber reverie, honoring the selflessness, bravery, and sacrifice of the men and women in our military.

We are reminded that freedom is not free, and there is dignity in serving a higher ideal.

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The goal of Psychmaster is to provide basic, understandable information, stories, and media productions that educate and inspire. Psychmaster DVDs, CDs and books seek to answer fundamental questions about spirituality and psychology, the reality of mental health and illness, coping with the challenges and tragedies inherent in human existence, and achieving actualization and fulfillment.

Dr. Judy Marshall received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1983. In her clinical practice, she has worked with many different groups, from children to the frail elderly. On a broader level, she seeks to help bridge the gap between spiritual and psychological understanding. An artist, Judy has had a lifelong interest in philosophy and the need to explore what is mysterious and intuitive in guiding our lives.

Judy Marshall

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