A World-Class Education: Volume 2
Produced by The George Lucas Educational Foundation
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A World-Class Education: Volume 2

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A World-Class Education: Volume 2

A World-Class Education: Volume 2 is a compilation of five documentary films that demonstrate the importance of international awareness and provide real-world examples of innovative K-12 programs that foster global understanding. The first segment, produced by the Asia Society, presents a variety of leaders explaining the importance of international knowledge for the twenty-first century and recommending steps to be taken. The four supporting videos, produced by The George Lucas Educational Foundation, highlight model programs in K-12 schools. These videos, featuring more than forty-five minutes of content, are intended to spark our imaginations about how schools can improve global understanding, an important twenty-first-century skill.

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--Putting the "World" into World-Class Education--
Leaders in policy, business, education, international affairs, and media make a compelling case for the importance of international knowledge and skills in the twenty-first century and outline steps that schools, communities, and policy makers can take.

--Success Spoken Here: John Stanford International School--
This Seattle elementary school is preparing students for an interconnected world while demonstrating how language immersion in Spanish or Japanese can improve fluency when it begins at an early age.

--The Global Dimension: Walter Payton College Prep High School--
"We Nurture Leaders" is the motto of this math, science, and world-language public school on Chicago's Near North Side. Students study one of five languages, including Chinese, for four years. A distance-learning center and home-stay exchanges connect students to classrooms around the globe.

--A Night in the Global Village: Heifer Ranch--
At Heifer International's Global Village, in Perryville, Arkansas, Colorado middle school students experience firsthand the living conditions typical of developing countries.

--Learning Without Borders: International School of the Americas--
The International School of the Americas, a small public high school in San Antonio, Texas, integrates international content throughout the curriculum and fosters connections with the community through small classes, travel opportunities, and ample time for formal and informal exchanges.

Produced with support from the Asia Society.

On this compilation, the segment "Putting the World into World-Class Education" is copyright © 2007 Asia Society. All other videos in the compilation copyright © The George Lucas Educational Foundation. All rights reserved. For noncommercial, educational, and institutional viewing purposes only. Users are permitted to incorporate the content unmodified and in its entirety into a presentation, but you may not edit or alter the content or create any derivative works of the content. Unauthorized duplication of any programming contents contained on this DVD is strictly prohibited without written permission from The George Lucas Educational Foundation.

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