Sexual Harassment: Workplace Issues
David Peterson Harvey and Gloria Stevensen
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Sexual Harassment: Workplace Issues

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Sexual Harassment: Workplace Issues

Follow Sue Ortega on her first week as a Human Resources Manager as she handles sexual harassment complaints in a company that doesn't have a sexual harassment training program in place. The situations are serious but the humor mounts as the video slowly reveals everyone making a complaint is harassing xomeone else.

This training DVD originally signed for distribution in six countries and sold for $200 in the United States. Now, yourcompany can own this complete training package for a fraction of that cost. There are even four versions of the training video to fit your individual training needs.

Don't forget the order copes of the companion workbook, sold separately, for this DVD for your trainers and your trainees. The workbook is optional but provides an invaluable additional training tool.

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Format: DVD-R