Teach That Dog! - Super Good Manners
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Teach That Dog! - Super Good Manners

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Teach That Dog! - Super Good Manners

New discounted price! "Teach That Dog" from Super Dooper Dog Training(r), LLC shows you how to teach your dog "Super Good Manners" in a fun and entertaining style. This is recommended for dogs 5 months and older. Pat B. Mitchell and her dog, Dooper, guide you through your adventures in dog training. They have helped many people train their dogs and now they will help you, too. Pat believes that a well-trained owner is the first step to a well-trained dog. You start by seeing which training collars and leashes are right for your dog's size and temperament. Then you learn what you need to be an effective leader, or alpha, to your dog. Your next step is to learn basic obedience commands like go-around, sit, down, heel, stay, come, and 1-2-3 free. Once you graduate from the basics, you move on to more advanced commands like staying with distractions and distance. During the lessons, Super Dooper Tips provide you with secrets to perform commands with confidence. Plus "Teach That Dog" gives you fixes for common problems in each command. You'll be amazed that training your dog is loads of Super Dooper fun for everyone including your dog! There are also four special "Meet-a-breed" episodes describing the English Setter (like Dooper), Goldendoodle, Great Dane and Westie. These give you insight into their behavior, temperament, and ownership. About Pat B. Mitchell: Pat's a Certified Dog Trainer from the Georgia-accredited Jo-Thor's Dog Training Academy in Marietta where she graduated with honors. She's a member of the professional organization, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). She also holds the highly regarded status of American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) approved Evaluator. She and Super Dooper Dog Training(r), are selected in Atlanta Magazines' "Best for Your Pet--Best Pet Trainer and Training Facility Award for 2007." She's an Atlanta native, The Westminster Schools and University of Georgia graduate. She believes in continuing education to help be a better trainer and her students better learners. Pat's goal is to help a student teach his/her dog to be a good family dog. About Dooper: Dooper is a very high-energy Llewellin (field-type) English Setter. He is also a Jo-Thor Training Academy graduate, and he holds the American Kennel Club (AKC) certificate as a Canine Good Citizen (CGC). He is superb at "setting" on birds in the field, fast in agility work, and, wow, can he catch a Frisbee!

Pat B. Mitchell and Dooper

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Teach That Dog! - Super Good Manners
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