Card Counting - The Definitive Blackjack Course
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Card Counting - The Definitive Blackjack Course

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Card Counting - The Definitive Blackjack Course

Depend on the rabbit's foot if you will, but remember it didn't work for the rabbit. ~ R.E. Shay.
My name is Daniel Dravot. I'm a professional gambler. It's time to hear from someone in the trenches.
I discovered a revolutionary method to learn card counting!
RC-4(Decks Played)/Decks Remaining = TC.
Card Counting bottlenecks here! No more division! In all other systems you must calculate the TC (true count) in your head after each dealt hand. Daunting to do in a crowded, noisy casino. My revolutionary system reduces this formula to a single chart with a few strategic numbers to visualize and remember which will alert you to increase your bet. Bet small when the deck is cold. Bet more when the deck is hot.
The casinos are afraid of me. I am not afraid of them. Become the David against the casino Goliaths.
Some might see a book called, "The Color of Blackjack" for sale which teaches the same system. I wrote it. I made the DVD first. The positive response has been phenomenal. I was repeatedly asked for a book. I listened. The material is the same, it comes down to how you like to learn.

Review from George C. (A highly respected guru in the blackjack world)
This book is an enticing and simplified methodology that squeezes every last drop from the KO count. A beginner shouldn't have any problems taking the original KO count and by using the color coded "cool, hot and warm" concepts shown by Daniel to optimize their play. You'll be playing professionally just after reading and applying the concepts that Daniel shows in the first four chapters of the book. I simulated Daniel's betting and playing methodology using both the original KO and his simplifications. The improvement in Score was almost 4%. By-the-way, I used Qfit's CVData for the sims. Bottom line is this is a simplification of an already simple system that works well.

I've known Daniel for quite some time now and he not only talks the talk but walks the walk. He's made quite a nice haul over the last few years and it's outlined in the book.
I highly recommend Daniel's system not only for new users but hard-core KO users will find it of interest also.

Review from Ken Smith (blackjack expert)
I've known Daniel Dravot for quite a few years now. He's a successful and experienced pro player. He's been on the road playing blackjack all over the country for many years and gambling has long been his sole source of income.

What I did not know (until I received a review copy of his book) was that he uses KO as his count system. That was surprising to me. Even though I have long recommended KO to new players, I always thought there was a small performance penalty to pay for the simplicity and convenience of KO. Other recent posts on this board have espoused the idea that KO may outperform Hi-Lo when you compare them "apples to apples". (That's a tricky thing to do by the way!) When I learned Daniel was a KO user, that was a shock.

Daniel's book describes his addition to KO which is a workable way to gain some of the advantage you could have with TKO (True-Counted KO).What is the easiest and most powerful card counting system? TKO as taught in "The Color of Blackjack". A bold statement that I was happy to confirm.

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