Z is for Xanax

Z is for Xanax

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Z is for Xanax

"Z is for Xanax" follows one man's violent and desperate odyssey as he struggles with drug addiction, an evil veterinarian bent on his destruction and poor spelling. Stanley, a survivor of a global catastrophe, feels like he's been living the same day for the past 19 years. His girlfriend is mad at him, his best friend is obsessed with digging for pirate treasure in the basement, and his dog has overdosed on circus peanuts. He's living a nightmare - a silly, sad, pathetic nightmare that culminates in a blinding revelation. Sound familiar? This isn't Déjà vu, its plagiarism.

"Humourous, bizarre and strangely compelling, I couldn't turn away from the screen, mainly because I was hoping that at some point it would start to make sense."

Reviewed by Christopher Herbert (screengoblin.com)

Ryan Sturgis; Rolando Ramos; Elisa Gouveia

The Audience Fan Favorite Award (4th Annual Memfest Film Festival 2007)

Film Festivals:
4th Annual Memfest Film Festival 2007

Title #250249
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