BARDS OF FANTASIA: tour musical, mythical Britain in 39 animated minutes
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BARDS OF FANTASIA: tour musical, mythical Britain in 39 animated minutes

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BARDS OF FANTASIA: tour musical, mythical Britain in 39 animated minutes

AUTHOR: S.W. Wilcox


Can a modern-day viking survive greedy kings and gods to unlock the ancient myths of Britain? A post-apocalyptic duo quest to the past, testing their emotions and concepts of fate. But history can be a lonely place to pursue justice.

Amidst remnants from solar flares, a post-apocalyptic, guitar-rocking viking time-travels to the Dark Age past--to face yet another apocalypse, this one from evil gods! This musical, science-fantasy replaces mindless gore with future tech as college co-eds use physics to interpret--and survive--earth's historic, headhunting, hot spots.

Skallagrim and Dormira are two 22nd c. music students. Denied a research grant for full
equipment, they use their physics-theories to sneak to the past with a musically-cued time-gate. As they explore time-travel, the Big Bang, sound waves, and magnetism--meeting a third student in his magnetized tower--they're con-
stantly foiled by the source of Cosmic Evil. To escape and return home with a verified thesis, they must survive historic & mythic Britain in the 1st, 7th, 11th, & 17th centuries AD. Dormira though...will the postmodern world offer
a cure for her ancient curse, morphing-facial-deformity from the vengeful Fates? And will the distracted Skallagrim ever recognize her devotion? Includes 13 original, 1-2 minute guitar-songs.

Reinforce core high-school topics! My first film ever, Bards of Fantasia was designed as part of a multimedia program for America's high schools, but I'd rate the film as a Disney-type "G."
Teaching materials for grades 7-12 can be purchased by contacting: (Or google You can get 4 English posters and a 12-page Teachers Manual (OR 4 posters for physics/music, art/history/ drama/psychology, & business/creative writing plus the Teacher's Manual) for $25. All the posters plus the manual is $40.

Two 22nd c. music students, well-versed in physics, launch their adventure in postmodern England, moving-on through ancient Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and north Britain as it was becoming England. The trick to surviving the physical challenge of barbaric tribes, as well as the supernatural challenge of mysterious--even wrathful--gods and creatures of myth, is the peaceful use of physics.... The two students wield musical sound waves, while their companion pilots a magnetic time-tower.... So relax and enjoy the music and story-elements, so densely-packed, you'll need a dozen views to catch them all!

The form and content is my attempt to write a Shakespearean-type history play, with a romantic subplot. Specifically, the film RECONSTRUCTS BRITISH HISTORY AND INDIGENOUS SPIRITUAL BELIEFS FROM THE BRONZE AGE to about 150 years in the future. For this, my main inspiration has been Celtic and Anglo-Nordic poetry. These poems, some FROM CULTURE'S DAWN, address essential topics for achieving happy adulthood: 1) poverty, 2) bravery, 3) job skills, 4) good citizenship, 5) loneliness, 6) travel, 7) loving vs. unloving marriage, 8) parenthood, 9) victimizing, 10) health, and 11) respect for history. (A two-part episode per topic could comprise a full season of TV episodes.)

Musical themes are in the tradition of guitar ballads and heavy rock from the 1970's through the present: in the tradition of bands like Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins, and Tool. THE 13 ORIGINAL SONGS, averaging 1-2 minutes each, are almost entirely two voices and two guitars.

The broad and deep writing and musical elements are then unified by about 200 original paintings of kings, heroes, druids, vikings, saints, and wizards, shown amid MAGICAL LANDSCAPES, and among diverse mythical beings. The digital paintings are then directed into very basic animation with state-of-the-art audio techniques.

(Circa 1988--1993):
Early versions of song-production praised by major-English-novelist/fantasy-pioneer, Michael Moorcock

Early staged-production praised by Sacramento newspapers, radio stations, and music producers

"The arena which houses this mental playground is a large one and should serve to stimulate imagination and a desire for more knowledge, if one is able to refrain from being lost in the enchanting musical interludes."
Daryl Wayne, CEO, TFG P.K.W.

"The art and music are the true highlights of this film. The still paintings have an impressionistic feel to them..the story, a Shakespearean feel...As an artistic, musical, and poetic piece, the film is one of a kind."
Bryer Wharton, SLUG Magazine, UT

All Character-Voices: S. W. Wilcox (Bachelor of Arts with honors in English, 2004)


2001: National Dean's List

2004: Cum Laude graduation from a private, east-coast university

2007: Finalist for's pan-music-web Most Valuable Poster

Film Festivals:
Smaller, regional fests I plan to enter in 2011/2012:
(April) Colorado's GAIA FILM FEST
(June) California's AUGUST SUN TV FEST

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BARDS OF FANTASIA: tour musical, mythical Britain in 39 animated minutes
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