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Producer: Humsafar Trust; Associate Producer: Solaris Pictures
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From the director of award winning queer films 'The Pink Mirror (Gulabi Aaina)' and 'Yours Emotionally!' comes another hard hitting drama about marginalized people.

Subverting the Bollywood film genre of song-dance and high drama, the film places characters ignored by Bollywood centerstage - a transsexual bar dancer, a prostitute, a gay couple - to tell their stories of pain and trauma, of happiness and hope, about being HIV+ and alienated.

The film lays bare the ground realities in India, the society's apathy and cruelty towards HIV and AIDS in a honest and sensitive manner.

We are all so caught up in our careers, relationships and life in general that we have forgotten to pause and look at the person next to us. Everyone is so distant nowadays, one's own shadow seems a stranger. This film is made with a purpose of bringing some of the stories that we have not cared to stop by and look, into focus. It is not a bugle call for action, but a gentle reminder to pause, reflect and make an effort to understand. Maybe we can all wipe a tear, hold a hand... or maybe write the next 68 Pages.
~ Sridhar Rangayan, 2007


4 QUEER SHORTS from India

'I am That' - a frank portrayal of dilemmas and desires of a group of transsexuals; 'Mansa' - day in the life of a Indian transgender; 'Eternal' - can two gay men find a happy life together in a small village?; 'Pegasus' - a music video about gay rights and desires in India

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***** (5 star rating)

"HIV in India" - Amos Lassen

India is in a state of denial and most Indians feel that to have HIV is to be cursed. They are rejected, not just by society, but by family and friends. We see that India's view of HIV is shallow but we also get a sense of hope that the stories that we see here can help to bring about a better understanding of the disease and perhaps that those with HIV may be able to achieve a dignified life. The four men come across as heroic and indeed represent optimism and the triumph of the human spirit.

The movie is very, very touching as well as a slap to India.



"A landmark film... the way it leaves you moved, is beyond description."

"Personally after ages I have seen a film that touches a chord in my soul...breathtaking, captivating, motivating..."

"The movie inspires us to do more. It's all about how our efforts and gestures can bring a change in others' life."

"Excellent. Life changing, attitude changing"

"I screen hundreds of films in this preview theatre but hardly watch them. Today, I just started watching and saw the entire film and had tears in my eyes."
(~ Projectionist, Star theatre, Mumbai)

"Your film is a slap on the face of society."

"This film has inspired me and I want to become a counsellor."

"Apart from a film about HIV positive people, it is a deeply moving human story"

"The diversity of society members dealing with some issues shows that when it comes to survival we should all gather as people and help each other"

"A beautiful film that humanizes the marginalized face of HIV/AIDS"

"The storylines were all very compelling, and kept me intrigued right till the end. The cinematography and editing were both first-rate. An excellent and important film." Paul Lee | Producer, Curator, Toronto

Moulli Ganguly, Joy Sengupta, Jayati Bhatia, Zafar Karachiwala, Uday Sonawane & others

Silver Remi Award @ WorlFest-Houston 2008, USA

Film Festivals:
* A Million Different Loves, Poland
* Tasveer - Seattle Independent Film Festival
* Q! Film Festival, Indonesia
* Nigah Queerfest, India
* Bollywood & Beyond, Germany
* Worldfest, Houston, USA
* Montage International, India
* Pune International Film Festival, India
* International Film Festival of Kerala, India

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