Tour of Okinawa
Produced by James Knott
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Tour of Okinawa

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Tour of Okinawa

Okinawa is a sub-tropical island in southern Japan. Take a journey with James Knott as he explores the entire island from north to south and learns about this unique culture.

From the remote northernmost point of Hedo Misaki to the bustling traffic of Kokusai-Dori, no stone is left unturned.

Many different aspects of the culture are explored including the shisa dog, Okinawan bullfighting, musical traditions, the world's largest tug-of-war, Wildlife and family life.

This is a great DVD for someone who wants to learn more about the life on the island of Okinawa or anyone who has strong ties to the island and wants to take a walk down memory lane.

Chapter List:
1 Intro
2 Heading North
3 Hedo Misaki
4 Hiking Route 58
5 Hentona to Ogimi
6 Family in Nakijin
7 Nakijin Castle and Village
8 Ie-Jima
9 The Jungles of Yonaha-Dake
10 Ocean Expo Park
11 Togyu - Bullfighting
12 U.S. Military and Central Okinawa
13 Katsuren Castle
14 Naha
15 Kokusai-Dori
16 Musical Traditions
17 World's Largest Tug-of-War
18 Heiwa-Dori and Makishi Public Market
19 Shisa and Tsuboya Pottery
20 Shuri Castle
21 Shikinaen
22 Tamaudun
23 Sefa Utaki
24 Gyokusendo Cave
25 WW2 Peace Memorial
26 Final Thoughts

James & Chissy Knott, Satoko & Karl Kortlandt, Annie & Joby Johnston, Tsuneko, Haru, Asato Seiichi

Title #252010
Format: DVD-R
Tour of Okinawa
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