Tour of Arnis Vol. 2

Tour of Arnis Vol. 2

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Tour of Arnis Vol. 2

North Austin Media presents Tour of Arnis Volume One with Arnis Guro and Grandmaster William D. Valdes. Volume Two presents the Bason, Knife and Whip Techniques native to the Philippians Islands. These techniques are common to Arnis, Kali and Escrima, (the terms are commonly used interchangeably) and are presented here in a manner useful to both new and experienced students.

Guro William D. Valdes is the Director for Filipino Martial Arts for the United Martial Arts Society. Valdes was born in Havana, Cuba and spent his career in the Military Police in the United States Army. While serving, he studied Tae Kwon Do and Tang Soo Do in Korea, and distinguished himself winning the light weight sparring championship at the Kukkiwon in 1976.

This DVD is part of the North Austin Media "Tour of Martial Arts" series.

William Valdes

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