All the Ships at Sea (PAL)
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All the Ships at Sea (PAL)

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All the Ships at Sea (PAL)

Evelyn Bell (STRAWN BOVEE), a Catholic professor of theology, and her younger sister Virginia (EDITH MEEKS) are reunited after many years when Virginia returns home in a depression after being ejected from a religious cult. At a lakeside retreat in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the sisters try to reestablish their relationship, talking about their very different systems of belief, and about the oppressive childhood that still hangs over them....

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Variety, Jan. 26, 2005
"With religious films tending toward either propaganda or satire, 'All the Ships at Sea' arrives like a gust of crisp sea air. With its searching discussion of faith lost and found, this highly impressive second feature by former film critic Dan Sallitt follows the tradition of Dreyer, Bergman and Bresson, and is distinguished by two exceptional lead performances and an unusually rigorous aesthetic...the uncompromising pic merits the attention of festivals, cinematheques and new-director encounter characters this authentically self-aware and introspective in an American film is rare...As Bovee and Meeks create a very believable sisterly bond--one in which each gesture and word seems weighted with volumes of an unspoken past--pic achieves a rare intensity."--Scott Foundas, Variety

"The dialogue is absolutely wonderful, brilliant, discreet, moving. This man, Dan Sallitt, has really found his own voice, which is so rare. Perhaps it is because of the casting of the films, but I couldn't stop thinking about Bergman. But Bergman's characters need to be incredibly brutal or cruel or miserable, need to reach an Absolute or the Forbidden to feel alive. Sallitt paints characters who need--now--to reach some peace to be back in life. The same archness, same craving for an absolute, but in two such different ways."--Arnaud Desplechin, director of Esther Kahn, Kings and Queen, and My Sex Life...

"Among (Method Fest)'s strongest offerings, in terms of performance and screenwriting, is Dan Sallitt's 65-minute chamber drama All the Ships at Sea, in which a pair of tormented siblings (Strawn Bovee and Edith Meeks) whose metaphysical storm shelters have begun to collapse about them attempt--in ways both spoken and unspoken, and in either case possibly futile--to ease each other through their respective crises of faith...Not to be missed"--Ron Stringer, L.A. Weekly

Strawn Bovee, Edith Meeks, Dylan McCormick, Lois Raebeck

Film Festivals:
2005 Method Fest Independent Film Festival; 2008 Off Camera Independent Film Festival

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All the Ships at Sea (PAL)
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