Improvisation Toolkit Volume 1: Movement Recall

Improvisation Toolkit Volume 1: Movement Recall

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Improvisation Toolkit Volume 1: Movement Recall

Are You Struggling In the Improvisation Deep End?

Many belly dancers are frustrated by improv, and it's no wonder; most instructors teach improvisation by telling their students to "just do it" in class.

Throwing someone in the deep end of the pool may teach them to swim, but it will also teach them to hate swimming!

The Improvisation Toolkit DVD series starts you off in the shallow end.

We'll use practical, step-by-step exercises to develop the most fundamental (and often neglected) skills needed for improvisation, so you can gradually let go of the pool wall, and head into deeper water without fear.

Even if you've tried before and given up, you can build the foundation you need to improvise with confidence.

Volume 1 of this program will improve your movement recall.

When you try to improvise, do you:
* Draw a blank?
* Remember only a few movements, even though you know many?
* Take forever to think of the movement you want?
* Wish you could focus on the more creative aspects of your performance?

Drawing a blank is the result of having too many choices, not too few!


Your movement vocabulary is like a big tote bag: the more you put in it, the more time you spend digging around for your keys! But some purses have special pockets and compartments that make it easy to find your things.

You put the items you use most often in the easy-to-reach outside pocket, so you don't even have to think about where they are. You can just reach in and your keys will be where your hand expects them to be.


We'll sort your movements into the right compartments in your brain, so you can find the one you need quickly.

We'll begin by establishing safety moves, and ingrain them so deeply in your muscle memory that you can do them by instinct alone. When your brain can't think of what to do next, your body steps in and provides the move. You never get the chance to draw a blank!

We'll also train your body to use your safety moves in many different ways and transition smoothly between them. This will allow you to perform interesting and beautiful variations with just a few movements - and only minimal input from your brain! This frees up the brainpower you need to let go and think more creatively in the moment.

It's ironic: training your body in a small number of movements makes it easier for your brain to remember the rest!

Once your safety moves are second nature, we'll use simple memory tricks to help you access the rest of your movement vocabulary. Not only will you be able to remember more movements, they'll come to you faster!

The Toolkit eases you into improv using a series of practical, step-by exercises:
* Journaling
* Guided Exercises
* Plug & Play Choreography
* Free Bonus Downloads

Nadira Jamal

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