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2 years in the making,'s first DVD Volume I:Circle is the complete one-man project devised to unify music, poetry, design and education. This short film is designed to inspire you to create, learn and smile. From outer space to the ocean, to computer chips to inside the human body, we give you the tip of the iceberg so that you will be drawn in and motivated to pursue each topic further. Unique poems in many styles for each subject are accompanied by a completely original score wrapped up in imagery that is sure to hold the attention of adults and children alike. For the classroom or for the home!

This film features the poetry of Children's poet Polonius Ficklebottom, a revolutionary in the "Educational Poetry" Genre.

"I'm tired of seeing the same themes and projects re-organized and re-structured over and over again. I'm trying to do something different. My hope is to bring poetry back into the spotlight with modern ideas that can enlighten, entertain and inspire. I promise, you have never seen anything like what does before. Not on this scale."
-David Dowling

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Runtime:28 Minutes
Format:NTSC Widescreen
Language: English

Narration by Patricia Greenberg & Polonius Ficklebottom

Title #254096
Format: DVD-R