Trip to Hell and Back
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Trip to Hell and Back

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Trip to Hell and Back

A self-told documentary by world-class rider Trip Harting who juggled his exclusive world of horses with a secret life as one of the largest Meth dealers in the Washington DC area.
DEA agents finally arrest Harting in an upscale hotel lobby and charge him with crimes that will likely send him to jail for the rest of his life.
Now struggling to keep even more secrets to save his public life, he begins a spiritual transformation by giving up control of his fate and simply telling the truth.
After two years of having his life on hold a judge asks a changed Harting for any final words before he is sentenced. Those final words will reveal if he has truly changed enough to deserve anything less than life in prison.

-Film (30 minutes)
-Extended Cut with more than 20 minutes of deleted scenes
-Theatrical Trailer
-Special behind the scenes footage and interviews

Harting himself was willing to recreate the scenes necessary to put his story on film. "If it can help just one other person, then any backlash is worth it."
But as "Trip to Hell and Back" had its first screening in August, 2008, doctors diagnosed Harting with a rare form of cancer that would prove fatal just three weeks later.

He died claiming that "truth is an incredibly powerful thing."

Trip Harting, Stu Maddux, Elita Amato, Sheryl Arenson, Glenn Hill, Lois Yukins

Grand Prize, Short Documentary Rhode Island International Film Festival

Film Festivals:
Rhode Island International Film Festival
Chicago Reeling Film Festival
Reel Affirmations LGBT Film Festival Washington DC

Title #254656
Format: DVD-R