One Minute More (PAL)
Produced by the Transatlantic Foundation for Music and Art
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One Minute More (PAL)

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One Minute More (PAL)

[European Format (PAL) DVD]
Don't Panic: Guy Livingston is back! This is a brilliantly zany and provocative DVD of one-minute films...with music by sixty composers from 23 different countries.... each film clocks in at 60 seconds. A team of vanguard Dutch filmmakers have created 60 film clips to accompany the music, all of which is performed by pianist Guy Livingston.

Multi-channel Surround Sound/DTS/Dolby.

The Filmmakers:
Nelleke Koop, Thijs Schreuder, Juan de Graaf (animations), Menno Otten, and Newt Hinton

About European Format (PAL):
(please note that this DVD is in PAL format and may not play in all North American DVD players. However it will play on all PC and Macintosh computers.)

The Composers:
Antheil, Arditto, Beliavsky, Bhagwati, Boone, Bouchot, Bourdellon, Chong, Chouillet, Clément, Clercq, Curran, Davidson, Demers, Dennehy, Distler, Dramm, Ford, Fuhler, Grant, Grundstrom, Heider, Hinton, Hippe, Hürn, Jaggard, Jallén, Jarvinen, Klatzow, Kohn, Kourliandski, Larsen, Levelt, McGowan, Milmerstadt, Much, Nas, Ndodana, Nicoli, Oteri, Papier, Pasovsky, Pecou, Poetzsch, Porter, Schneller, Sebastián, Simonis, Stalvey, Stark, Strizich, Tickmayer, Torstensson, Twoambs, Ueno, Voronov, Weidner, Wolfe, Z, and Zipper.

Televised Broadcasts:

American Record Guide: "Livingston's playing is assured and expert."
Le Monde: "éblouissant"
The New York Times: "a pianist with a flair for modernism"
Piano: "The variety is astonishing"
Münchner Merkur "A microcosm of the very newest music ...Modern music is rarely so multi-dimensional, rich in changes and exciting."
Abendzeitung: "Here one finds only winning minutes. Livingston jumped from one musical idiom to the next with fantastic skill."

Guy Livingston, pianist


Film Festivals:

November Music, Den Bosch
sunday 16 november, 15:00 & 17:00

Kunsthuis 13, in Velp
sunday 23 november, 16:00 [€13/ CJP €11]

Muziekcentrum Frits Philips, in Eindhoven
thursday 27 november, 12:30 free.

Het Bethaniënklooster, in Amsterdam
tuesday 9 december, 20:15 [€15/€10]

Theater Kikker, in Utrecht
wednesday 17 december, 21:00 [€12/€9]

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One Minute More (PAL)
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