Larry Keel: Beautiful Thing
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Larry Keel: Beautiful Thing

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Larry Keel: Beautiful Thing

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Cult classic documentary known in bluegrass circles around the country, BEAUTIFUL THING follows a year in the life of Larry Keel, the greatest bluegrass musician you've never heard of.

Extras include deleted scenes and director commentary with Ryan Gielen and Larry Keel.

"Just might become essential as Keel's music
continues to evolve and innovate...A unique and intensely human film...Keel's remarkable talent is on full display..."

-Bryan Rodgers,

Larry Keel, Jenny Keel, Mark Shimock, Vassar Clements, Tony Rice, Curtis Burch

Film Festivals:
First film ever to play Merlefest, the world's premiere Bluegrass festival.

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Format: DVD-R