Plasma TV Burn In Repair

Plasma TV Burn In Repair

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Plasma TV Burn In Repair

The Plasma TV Burn in Repair DVD uses a variety of techniques to reverse and remove burn in and ghosting on your Plasma Television. Burn in can occur on your Plasma TV by displaying any static image for just a few minutes. This DVD can erase burn in and ghosting from your Plasma Television.

Screen burn, image retention and recalibrating pixels Motionless, unmoving images or logos left on-screen for extended periods can leave a "shadow" on plasma, lcd & projection displays.

You are commonly told to avoid extensive display of motionless images to prevent burn in or shadowing on your television.

Games consoles also have a damaging effect on plasma televisions, by displaying a static area for scores, a logo or a timer.

The Plasma TV Burn In Repair DVD will erase burn in uniformly and remove any remainder effects that may have occurred.

TV channels that have a static logo permanently on screen have a real negative effect on plasma and lcd TV's. Your screen begins to learn these images, on changing channels you will still see the logo in the form of a shadow. After several moments it may vanish (If not you may have burn in). If 99% of the shadow has vanished you may not discover the 1% that remains. It's the eventual build up of the 1% that is called residual effect.

Burn in is not just confined to TV channel logos. It is build up over weeks and even months that will lessen the picture quality of you TV. The issues with screen burn and residual effects are far more complex.

The Plasma TV Burn In Repair DVD can remove burn in and residual effects. It uses wash tools and test patterns that switch pixels on and off and run screen wipe patterns to repair burn in. It recalibrates the picture elements uniformly by removing any memory they may have.

There are different types and levels of burn in. The most severe of which occurs in the first 200 hrs of the panel's life when pixels are at they are at their most impressionable. If you have this type of burn in, run our Plasma TV Burn In Repair DVD as soon as you can to remove the burn in.

In many cases it can be removed after just one session.

If the burn in is not removed first time, it will have been significantly reduced. Subsequent passes can reduce burn in even more until it's permanently erased.

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