Stripper Method: The Complete First Season

Stripper Method: The Complete First Season

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Stripper Method: The Complete First Season

Join Kindra and Rachael, two former strippers,
now housewives, business owners and mothers,
as they teach secret stripper techniques for use at
home with your significant others. They can't help
but reminisce about their stripper past while
answering viewer questions and dishing out their
life experience in the form of Strip Tips.

This four disc widescreen DVD set includes over 6 hours of video from the first season of this popular internet TV show and podcast including never before seen footage.

Online Video Reviews:

Kindra and Rachael together with production house Vegas Undressed have been quietly churning out an excellent show called "the Stripper Method." Sex sells -ask Athene Wins, but Kendra and Rachael aren't selling sex in their show. I know, I know, it might be hard to believe with a name like the Stripper Method, but the show's mission statement is to use stripper techniques and, dare I say "stripper wisdom", to help women be more confident and in control. Well, that and to spice up their relationships.

Okay, let me go right ahead and say this 'cause I know lots of you are curious - there is NO NUDITY. Seriously. No naked ta-tas and, as the ladies are fond of saying, "you gotta make sure the cookie stays covered". All you lecherous and misogynistic bastards can stop reading right now. This ain't your show.

The show has a very professional format:
* introduction and welcome
* pole moves
* lap dance tips
* recommendations about stripper gear (often shoes)
* song recommendations
* viewer mail

I like the format, the editing, into's & outtros, theme music and stingers all point to a very well thought-out and well executed video series. The lighting is sometimes a bit dark but all in all, they have a very refined look.

Although I do enjoy watching Kindra and Rachael do the pole work and the lap dance techniques, what I find most appealing about the show are the little reminiscent moments between the two. Clearly they have a strong friendship and it's fascinating to watch how they interact. Also, you have to wonder what the day-to-day of these two strippers-turned-moms-and-businesswomen is like.

Kindra & Rachael

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Stripper Method: The Complete First Season
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