The Grand Erie Canal - Classroom Video Collection
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The Grand Erie Canal - Classroom Video Collection

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The Grand Erie Canal - Classroom Video Collection

THIS DVD IS FOR PERSONAL HOME USE ONLY. The same DVD can be purchased by any public or private school district directly from us via our website with a perpetual (lifetime) license for classroom or other group use for $99.00 or more, based on district size. For gifting ideas, pricing and license details, see the SCHOOLS tab at Educational cooperatives and state DOE's: Inquire for special bulk licensing rates for all the schools in your jurisdiction.

Thomas Jefferson called the project "little short of madness". Its designers had no formal training in canal construction whatever. Still, one state in our young nation chose to ignore the adversity, and began digging a four-feet deep ditch across a virgin wilderness of swamps, trees and mountains. Eight years later - without any help from the federal government at all - it was finished; and though they didn't know it at the time, the course of the nation - and by extension the world - had been changed forever. Join us for an hour as we approach the Erie's bicentennial celebration, and revisit the waterway that played a key role in our young nation's march toward greatness. The 21 topical clips are ideal for classroom presentations; and include aerials, interviews, music by Erie Canal balladeer George Ward, and dozens of on-location video scenes. We've used these videos in classroom settings with great success, adding our own commentary and reacting to audience feedback before moving on to the next topic. The disk's clips can be previewed at Topics include: Washington's Pivot, A Startling Discovery, War with Canada, Key Players, The Great Embankment, Erie Canal Mules, Ellicott's Southern Route, The Flight of Five, The Final Obstacle, A "Great" Depression, Fifteen Miles, The Erie's Cities, Salt City, Bankwatch, The First Railroad, The Village of Delta, Concrete Barges, Wartime Transition, Lifting the Bridges, The End of an Era, and "Cracking" Pendleton. Run time: 62 minutes. Suitable for all ages.

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