The Road to Rabin Square (For personal view only)

The Road to Rabin Square (For personal view only)

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The Road to Rabin Square (For personal view only)

On November 4th, 1995, after addressing a pro-peace rally in the center of Tel-Aviv, Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a young Israeli, Yigal Amir, a law student and supporter of the extreme right. "The Road to Rabin Square" presents for the first time in television a detailed examination of the political provocative events that culminated in the PM's assassination. The documentary uncovers the orchestrated anti-Rabin incitement campaign, consisted of three institutionalized components - political, ideological and field-activity.

A Telephone interview with assassin to his prison sell - the first and only journalistic interview with the murderer since the assassination - as well as first-hand
interviews with his parents, Knesset members, nationalist and religious leaders, the late Prime Minister Rabin and his late wife Leah, demonstrate the volatile political climate that existed in the Israel between the signing of the First Oslo Accords in Washington, on September 1993, and the PM assassination.

In retrospect, viewing the documentary shows how religious-nationalist zealots in Israel had been shaping their country's political course by sabotaging the peace process that Rabin initiated.

Televised Broadcasts:
"The Road to Rabin Square" was aired by TV channels in France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, Australia and Israel. Arte screened it twice, in 1998 and 2005.

Newsweek, June 1997, By Joseph Contreras: "A new documentary film forces a society to come to terms with the violent forces in its midst". "The documentary features excerpts from an exclusive phone interview with assassin Yigal Amir, conducted from his parents' suburban Tel Aviv home, and a dramatization of Amir's movements on the day of the shooting. It also contains footage of right-wing protests that had never before been seen inside Israel, even though they were familiar to some viewers abroad. Director Michael Karpin is a veteran television journalist who blames his profession for the downplaying of the extremist threat".

Toronto, The Art Today, May 12, 1996
"Michael Karpin builds a meticulous and convincing argument that there was an organized 'campaign of incitement' designed to encourage the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. Last year, a third of Israel's population tuned into the broadcast of 'The Road to Rabin Square'. But not before several right-wing groups went to court in an effort to have the film banned".

Jerusalem Post, May 14 1997: "The High Court yesterday rejected several petitions against showing the film, which Michael Karpin wrote and directed. The groups which appealed against the broadcast said it was not objective".

Toronto, CBC Radio, May 12 1998: "The Road to Rabin Square' had its North American premiere in Toronto on Sunday at The Jewish Film Festival. This morning, Michael Karpin joins host Eleanor Wachtel to talk about the film".

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1997 NY Festival for International Television Programming and Promotion - Silver Medal.

Biarritz FIPA 1998 Festival - Special Jury Recognition.

Film Festivals:
FIPA 1998 Festival, Biarritz
Docs 1997
1997 NY Festival for International Television Programming and Promotion
1997 Melbourne Jewish Film Festival
13th Toronto Jewish Film Festival
Montevideo, 1997 Cinemateca Uruguaya
Berlin, May 1988: Arte's special assembly for Israel's 50 years of independence
June 1998, Montpellier, Jewish Liberal Movement Festival
July 1998, Grahams town South Africa, Standard Bank National Arts Festival,
November 2003, Oxford, St Anthony's College

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