The Importance of Being Russell
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The Importance of Being Russell

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The Importance of Being Russell

Somewhere deep in the backwoods of America, nestled between the Hands-Free Taco Eating Machine and the Universal Smileriffic Fancy Camera, sits the greatest invention in the history of mankind. A device so powerful, so important, and so secret that the inventor himself, Russell Hawker, isn't even sure what it does.

On the verge of his tenth wedding anniversary, Russell is mired in self-doubt. His inventions have yet to take off. Adding insult to injury, his wife Sissy buys similar items off of the Cranium Concepts Best Bargain Network. Backed into a corner, Russell's only way out is to find his 'importance' and prove his worth.

With a cryptic voice from the TV urging him to build a new invention, Russell solves the paradoxes of time travel and long distance telecommunications without roaming fees. His creation, the Time Machine Telephone, will revolutionize....everything. But is it the answer he's searching for?

Televised Broadcasts:

John Beifuss - Commercial Appeal

Ulises Silva - Quiet Earth

Jesse Morrison - Ain't it Cool News

The Serious Comedy Site

Duane L. Martin - Rogue Cinema

Caitlin - 1416 and Counting

Manny the Movie Guy

Linn Sittler - Fox 13 News

John Pickle, Wade Long, Jenny Lynn, Justin Birman, Georgiana Sheats

Ron Tibbett Excellence in Filmmaking Award
(Indie Memphis)
Honorable Mention (Eureka Springs)
Best Feature Finalist - Best in Fest (Southern Fried Flicks)
Darrell Award - Best Mid-South Film (Mid South Con 25)
Best Comedy (Southern Appalachian)
Best Actor - John Pickle (Southern Appalachian)
Audience Award (Secret City)

Film Festivals:
Indie Memphis Film Festival - Oct. 2006 (U.S. Premiere)
Eureka Springs Digital Film Festival - Nov. 2006
Southern Fried Flicks - Jan. 2007
Magnolia Independent Film Festival - Feb. 2007
Mid-South Con 25 - Mar. 2007
Davinci Film and Video Festival - Jul. 2007
Secret City Film Festival - Oct. 2007
Southern Appalachian Int. Film Festival - Oct. 2007
Myrtle Beach Int. Film Festival - Dec. 2007
Oxford Film Festival - Feb. 2008
Independent Features Film Festival - Jul. 2008
Southern Winds Film Festival - Sept. 2008
Derby City Film Festival - Oct. 2008

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