Taktaba Episode 1: Repetition and Alternation

Taktaba Episode 1: Repetition and Alternation

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Taktaba Episode 1: Repetition and Alternation

Welcome to Taktaba, the video podcast on dance composition for belly dancers. Dance can be described as a combination of four themes: space, shape, time, and energy. Whether you plan your choreography in advance or improvise it, the way you use these themes defines your dance.

The Taktaba podcast takes an analytical approach to dance composition, by looking at the many different ways we can use those themes in dance. We analyze each element one-by-one, think about how audiences respond to it, and introduce exercises that explore the element, and combinations to illustrate how it can be used in your dance.

Series 1 focuses on elements of time.

Episode 1 treats the twin topics of repetition and alternation, and includes:

- when and how repetition can be effective
- different alternation patterns and their psychological effects on your audience
- exercises
- combinations

Important notes:

This podcast is a "low-frills" program. I shoot it myself in my home studio, and the picture and sound quality are consistent with a home movie, not a professional video shot on a sound stage. If you are picky about picture quality, you may want to preview the podcast online at taktaba.com before ordering.

This podcast is available for free online, so you don't have to buy the DVD to get it. I'm making it available for on DVD for those of you who:
- want to watch it on your DVD players, but don't want the hassle of burning it yourself
- just want to support the project. (Think of it like the tote bag you get when you make a donation to public broadcasting.)

Nadira Jamal

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