Little Frogs

Little Frogs

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Little Frogs

"Little Frogs" is an award-winning animated short story for children eight and younger that tells the adventurous tale of two little frogs who wander away from their swamp home and, on their journey, discover other little frogs with different skin colors and "speaking" different "froggy languages" living in the same swamp.

The little frogs all quickly learn that, even though they cannot communicate verbally, they can have fun playing together. Soon all the diverse and former geographically segregated froggy communities in the swamp are visiting each other, having fun together and even learning to communicate by creating a combined version of their individual "froggy languages".

"Little Frogs" was written by Allen Mitchell, a substitute elementary school teacher in Corpus Christi, Texas who observed firsthand the wonder of the bilingual community exhibited in the classroom. Parents and teachers alike recognized the value of the "Little Frogs" story in subtlety teaching young children an entertaining lesson about the merits of cultural diversity.

Award-wining Canadian musician Keri Latimer of the band "Nathan" composed the catchy musical soundtrack telling the "Little Frogs" story, and the DVD disk includes a separate version of the animation subtitled in Spanish.

Animated little froggies

"Best Bang for the Buck" award at the Eugene, Oregon International Film Festival, and a "crowd favorite" of parents, teachers and kids everywhere.

Film Festivals:
Festival showings in 208 have included, but are not limited to, the Moondance International Film Festival at Universal Studios in Hollywood, CA, the Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival, the Eugene, Oregon International Film Festival, the Rockport, Texas International Film Festival, the New Orleans International Children's Film festival, the San Diego Film Festival and the San Francisco International Children's Film Festival.

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