Kids Talk Politics - A New Puppy in the White House

Kids Talk Politics - A New Puppy in the White House

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Kids Talk Politics - A New Puppy in the White House

America fighting two wars, the worst economy since the Great Depression, the growing climate crisis and a failing health care system, combine to make the 2008 presidential elections the most important in U.S. history. Who better than America's future, its kids, to pick who they think will lead America to a better tomorrow?


"Move over 'Sixty Minutes', there's a new kid on the block-literally."

CitizenTube - Official Political Blog YouTube

"Kids get as worked up as the pundits on cable news."

- Reuters

"... just as heated as any grown-up argument over... the economy or the war in Iraq."

- The LA Times

"Sheet'z documentary shows that, contrary to popular belief, kids care a lot about politics..."

- Education Magazine

"Crazy adorable!"

- PopTub

"Making this election something of a family affair"

- KTLA News, The CW, Los Angeles

Director Ken Sheetz, who co-produced a similar documentary for PBS that aired as the lead-in to the 2000 Bush/Gore debates, takes to the road once again, traveling 9000 miles to interview over 100 Republicans and Democrats from all races and walks of life who share one thing in common, they're all kids!

Plus "A Puppy Tale of 9/11" starring Emmy & Golden Globe Winner Ed Asner. An official selection of 8 film festivals.

Televised Broadcasts:
An earlier version of the documentary aired as the lead-in to the 2000 presidential debates on PBS.

The LA Times, Education Magazine, LA Parent, PopTub, CitizenTube, Reuters

Film Festivals:
A PUPPY TALE OF 9/11 on the DVD, stars Ed Asner of Pixar's new hit UP and is an Official Selection of 8 film festivals, Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, Big Bear Film Festival, Sanoma International Film Festival, Dance With Films Hollywood, Santa Monica International Film Festival and Wine Country Film Festival.

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