Overcoming High Chemistry Relationships

Overcoming High Chemistry Relationships

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Overcoming High Chemistry Relationships

Have you ever wondered why the wrong person lights up your emotional radar and sends you down romantic paths that lead to unfulfilling relationships? Relationship expert, author and talk show host Nancy Pina shows how high chemistry relationships not only prolong the process of finding the right person but also takes a definite and profound toll on self-confidence and self-respect.

You may be in a place today where you have been through heartbreak and the thought of being vulnerable in love is overwhelming. Perhaps you have even had thoughts that being alone is better than experiencing potential hurt from another emotionally and spiritually unhealthy relationship. Life is meant to be shared in a loving environment and you can manifest the dreams in your heart.

In this series, you will learn how to recognize the warning signs of wrong relationships and the reasons why you are attracted to certain individuals. You will also learn practical steps you can implement immediately to change the course of love in your life.

Through Nancy's Christian based advice, you can break free of the barriers to love by applying this information to your life.

You will then choose love over drama!

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