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Moontan, a heart warming and humorous short film about two street clowns swept up in the occupation of New Zealand's last Victorian theatre, is now available to New Zealand Libraries with over an hour of extra special features.

Moontan screened at the 2007 Wellington Fringe Film Festival in New Zealand and in the Market at the 2008 Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival and the Short Film Corner at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival in France.

The film, written and directed by Alan Clay, is an adaptation of Alan's first novel, Moontan, a clown story, published in 1995.

Moontan stars Annette Devick from Canada as Crystal, and Mark Hudson from Australia as Moontan.

The DVD includes the original 15 minute short film; a 30 minute rough cut which was screened at the Screen Producers Fringe in Brisbane, Australia, in November 2006; a twenty minute 'Making of Moontan' documentary; and additional clown performance material not included in the film.

Alan Clay-Writer/Director
Born in Wanganui, New Zealand, Alan Clay grew up in Auckland. He studied clown in Sweden in 1977 and has taught and performed as a clown extensively in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He has published three novels and a clown text book, Angels Can Fly - a Modern Clown User Guide, and is currently producing a cross-media project and feature film based on his second novel, Dance Sisters.

ISBN 978-0-9578844-5-8
Running Time: 77 minutes
Rated G - Suitable for General Audiences

Reviews of the novel - Wellington Dominion -"...successfully draws the reader into the world of a clown"
Otago Times -"Well-told... sketched in with a deft touch."

Annette Devick, Mark Hudson

Film Festivals:
Wellington Fringe Film Festival

Title #261559
Format: DVD-R