The Great Squeeze: surviving the human project

The Great Squeeze: surviving the human project

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The Great Squeeze: surviving the human project

This award-winning film explores our current ecological and economic crisis stemming from our dependence on cheap and abundant energy. Although our actions have lifted our civilization to new heights, it has come at a tremendous price.
We are now at a point where humanity's demands for natural resources far exceed the earth's capacity to sustain us. The extraction and the consumption of these resources in the past two centuries have changed our climate and ecosystems so significantly, that a new geological era had to be created.
For some decades now people have been talking about saving the planet, but we are realizing that this is not really the issue. The central issue is civilization itself and whether we can save it. The stresses that we have put on the earth are not only threatening our habitat, but our way of life, our prosperity and even our existence on the planet. Our current paradigm must change. We will have to accept the new reality; the human economy is part of nature and not the other way around. We are faced with great challenges. But unlike the rest of the living world, we have the unique ability to adapt and decide our fate and the fate of most of the biosphere, for better or worse, in order to survive the human project.
Selected at 14 film festivals around the world, The Great Squeeze features outstanding experts in many fields, such as economist Lester Brown founder of The Earth Policy Institute, Richard Heinberg world renowned Peak Oil expert, Edward O. Wilson legendary biologist, Alexandra Cousteau leading advocate for marine ecosystems, author Howard Kunstler, paleoclimatologist Jim White and many more.
The DVD has optional French subtitles. Spanish Subtitles are coming soon!
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"The film provides a worthwhile summary of the key challenges and the links between them."
Carol Smith - United Nations University

"The value and cantor of this documentary cannot be understated.
Highly recommended ."
Michael J. Coffta, Business Librarian, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

"Largely due to its impressive array of intellectual muscle, the film presents its points in a very balanced and scientific way ... Well worth a watch."
Kristin Sponsler - Energy Bulletin

"While many viewers would be fascinated with the scientific research of the film, I was fascinated with their psychology, that is, questions of how it is that humanity has arrived at this place in its history." (read more)
Carolyn Baker, Ph.D. - Speaking Truth to Power

"The better documentaries are expressions of some epiphany by the filmmaker - a Big Deal urgently needing to be conveyed to a larger audience. All too often that central idea is only half-glimpsed. The Great Squeeze comes to us wholly formed. The issues it presents are systemic and existential. They are core to our human self-concept. And yet, what the film is telling us is both unfamiliar and unwelcome. That all of this is carried through cinematically, leaving us still a glimmer of hope at the end, is profound. You will walk away changed."
Albert Bates - instructor in permaculture & natural building

"The Great Squeeze does an excellent job of summarizing our current world situation-better than any other film or book that I have seen."
Richard Grossman, MD - Population Matters

Winner Best Documentary 2009 Festival de Cine Ecologico y de la Naturaleza de Canarias

Film Festivals:
Official Selection 2009 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital
Official Selection 2009 The European Independent Film Festival
Official Selection 2009 Durango Independent Film Festival
Official Selection 2009 Green Film Festival in Seoul, Korea
Official Selection 2009 Emision Cero, Madrid Spain
Official Selection 2009 Reel Earth Festival, New Zealand
Official Selection 2009 Festival de Cine Ecologico y de la Naturaleza de Canarias

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