Remembering Terry Dobson
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Remembering Terry Dobson

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Remembering Terry Dobson

A direct student of the founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba, Terry Dobson taught seminars and classes in the United States from 1963 to 1992. His insights and stories made an unforgettable impact on those who trained with him.

"Remembering Terry Dobson" consists of two videos: one, a remastered seminar of Terry Dobson teaching at Point Reyes, CA in 1992, and the other, interviews of students of Aikido who trained at different times with this extraordinary man.

"What a beautiful tribute to Terry and what a gift to those of us who were and still are inspired by him. This is a gift also to those who never had the chance to receive his guidance so that they may be inspired now. Terry taught the true essence of O Sensei's Aikido."

Greg O'Connor
Chief Instructor, Aikido Centers of New Jersey

The newest DVD "Remembering Terry Dobson" is a treasure. For those of you who knew Terry, you will see him at his finest. The film captures one of the last classes Terry taught before he died. He really wanted people to get what O'Sensei had given him. He spoke of O'Sensei with such love and respect. It was heartwarming to listen to Terry's voice and watch his facial expression and body language, and truly feel the emotional bond that Terry had with O'Sensei. Terry also made it very clear that life is real and Aikido is real.

A must for any Aikido library.

Michael Friedl
Chief Instructor, Aikido of Ashland

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