Arisia 2009 Masquerade

Arisia 2009 Masquerade

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Arisia 2009 Masquerade

Live from Arisia 2009, its the Saturday Night Masquerade. Including the pre-show, the Kamikaze Kids, Young Fans, and Adult divisions. Complete with the award presentations and bad vampire jokes by Vlad (Marty Gear).

Fully chapter encoded with menu sections to isolate the pre-show, the presentations, and the awards.

This is the video recorded live at Arisia 2009 and shown live on Arisia TV, but enhanced with full credits for each award and stills of all the costumes.

Artwork courtesy of Dave Seeley, The cover is an adaption of "Falling Free". Title art is an adaption of ImageJunkie. Both used by kind permission of the artist.

Arisia is New England's Largest and Most Diverse Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention held each January just outside Boston, MA. See for more information.

Televised Broadcasts:
Broadcast live on Arisia TV on 1/17/2009

Marty Gear

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