A Month of Hungry Ghosts
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A Month of Hungry Ghosts

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A Month of Hungry Ghosts

Every year during the seventh lunar month, it is believed that the gates of hell are opened and all the souls are set free to wander the earth. During this time, the spirits try to fulfill their past needs, wants and desires. They are the "hungry ghosts." Many religious rituals and folk performances, take place during the seventh lunar month in order to entertain the local population... and the ghosts.

* Buddhists trek deep into the woods to invite the spirits by candlelight.
* Taoist priests perform rituals involving the "Demon King" to appease the spirits.
* Colorful street operas and getai music shows entertain the living... and the dead.
* Superstition reigns, effecting business, the markets and personal lives.
* Spiritual mediums communicate with spirits deep in a Chinese cemetery.
* Gamblers search for lucky numbers amongst the sleeping dead in graveyards.
* Paranormal investigators (SPI).conduct research on supernatural phenomenon.
* Believers pray & burn spirit money, clothes, computers, cars, houses for ancestors.
* 1000 year-old Buddhist scrolls help explain the origins of the ghost month.
* Animations take us to the gates of hell with a tour of the Chinese afterworld.
* Traditional Chinese instruments & Hokkien folk songs provide a colorful soundtrack.

A MONTH OF HUNGRY GHOSTS captures all of these rituals and performances, and more, throughout an entire seventh lunar month in Singapore, bringing the vibrant sights and sounds of the festival to the viewer. (With English & Chinese subtitles.)

This DVD also contains BONUS SCENES and two SHORT FILMS - "The Mitre Spell" and the short horror film "Stay"!

Note: Region Free DVD - NTSC for U.S. market, but it can also play on compatible PAL (Europe & Asia) DVD players that can play Region Free DVDs.

CRITIC'S PICK! - The Straits Times
"Fascinating... a fresh perspective... the film delivers." - John Lui, Straits Times

CRITIC'S RECOMMENDATION! - Wanbao, Chinese Evening Paper
"Captivating! A great eye-opener. Very fresh, very cool... great touch." - Wanbao

"A scary and funny adventure! Very bold and insightful."
"Rewards the audience with a mysterious and educational journey." - Eista Le, Zaobao

"A lively, humorous and expansive exploratory tour."
"You will leave intrigued... and more than a little spooked." - Whang Yee-Ling, 8 Days

"Fascinating... superb educational value..." - A Nutshell Review, Twitch Film

"Fast and furious... the importance of this film is not to be dismissed." - Koh Sian Eng, Cinema Online

Nominated for BEST FILM - Singapore International Film Festival 2009

Film Festivals:
Singapore International Film Festival - April 2009

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A Month of Hungry Ghosts
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