Accelerated Artistic Development Program "Audio-To-Visual Transcribing"
Produced By Kurt Nielsen And Jay Knowles
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Accelerated Artistic Development Program "Audio-To-Visual Transcribing"

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Accelerated Artistic Development Program "Audio-To-Visual Transcribing"

Kurt Nielsen, a life long visual artist lived through many artistic challenges and discovered a unique artistic process essentially to promote the continual advancement in the arts with ease.

What would it mean to you if you could create 15 - 25 years worth of dramatically increased artistic ability within 2 - 3 years? It doesn't matter what your lifestyle or background experience is.. anyone is able to advance easily in the arts using this technique! What you've known about art and music is about to change..

This is a drawing instruction as well as an art experiment. A group of 6 people draw while listening to the same music looping for approximately 35 minutes. Without looking at each others work they later realized they drew some of the same pattern, shapes and approximately in the same areas!

You may also apply this technique to painting.
The video is approximately 38 minutes but the DVD contains additional music to experiment with and two Mind Entrainment sessions that improve the brain's ability to focus and access higher brain function.

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