"Southern Fried Bigfoot"

"Southern Fried Bigfoot"

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"Southern Fried Bigfoot"

"The best Bigfoot doc of this decade!" - Eduardo Sanchez, Co-Writer and Co-Director of "THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT" and Writer and Director of "SEVENTH MOON"

"The production values and cinematography are terrific, the re-creations are well-done and the entire package is absorbing. I highly recommend you check it out." - Alex Grecian,
Writer and Co-Creator of the Image Comics series "PROOF"

The American South has its own unique traits, people, cuisine, and way of life, and according to some people, its own monsters. While many have heard the legends of Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest, the stories of boogers, wild men, and skunk apes lurking in the backwoods and bayous of the Southern U.S. aren't as well known. With commentary from believers, skeptics, and the open-minded, "SOUTHERN FRIED BIGFOOT" is a documentary that explores the legends, tales, and possible reality of the hairy monsters that are purported to prowl the wild areas of the South.

As seen on The Documentary Channel and Destination America, "SFB" profiles some of the people and groups who have made efforts to study and pursue the southern Sasquatch. While it covers the broad topic of strange creatures below the Mason-Dixon Line, a few key legends are highlighted. They include: The Fouke Monster, the hairy creature that has been sighted around Fouke, Arkansas for decades and was the inspiration for the cult classic film "The Legend of Boggy Creek;" The Skunk Ape, the foul-smelling creature that is said to haunt the Everglades in Florida; The Honey Island Swamp Monster, the beast that is rumored to prowl the swamplands northeast of New Orleans, Louisiana; and The Lake Worth Monster, a white shaggy creature that was sighted repeatedly near Fort Worth, Texas in the late 1960s.

Are these stories just myths or misidentifications, or could there actually be something unknown watching you from the dark shadows of the trees...?

DVD includes the 1-hour documentary and 45 minutes of Extras.

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Televised Broadcasts:
Premiered on The Documentary Channel on April 13, 2009; currently in broadcast rotation on The Documentary Channel.

"The best Bigfoot doc of this decade!"
Eduardo Sanchez
Co-Writer and Co-Director of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and Writer and Director of SEVENTH MOON

"The production values and cinematography are terrific, the re-creations are well-done and the entire package is absorbing. I highly recommend you check it out."
Alex Grecian
Writer and Co-Creator of "PROOF"

"For those who don't yet know, there exists a Southern version of the crypto critter in both legend and recorded sightings. SOUTHERN FRIED BIGFOOT documents a swamp-lovin' variation on the typically more oft-cited Pacific Northwest cousin Sasquatch, including hair-raising recreations of eyewitness encounters with the creature throughout the Gulf Coast states and beyond. Well-directed and serious-natured as opposed to skeptical or dismissive, SOUTHERN FRIED BIGFOOT is bound to be appreciated by the legion of cult believers who ravenously devour each new Bigfoot movie as hungrily as any demon of the woods might an accidental tourist. Recommended." Dave Coleman, Author of ANCIENT LAKE and the upcoming release BIGFOOT IN CINEMA, due from McFarland Press in 2009.

"Southern Fried Bigfoot is a highly entertaining, thought-provoking and suitably atmospheric study of the beast of the Deep-South. Packed with notable testimony and expert commentary from the South's leading monster-hunters and cryptozoologists, SFB is required viewing for everyone who wants to learn more about this elusive creature, those that have been fortunate to see it, and those who have made it their life's work to uncover the truth. An excellent production!" Nick Redfern, author of "There's Something in the Woods."

Christopher R. Sabat, Craig Woolheater, Loren Coleman, Chester Moore, Jr., Matthew J. Fazio

Film Festivals:
2007 Texas Bigfoot Conference; Jefferson, Tx, November 2007

2008 George Lindsey UNA Film Festival; Florence, AL, March 2008

2009 Weird Weekend, North Devon, UK, August 2009

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