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On the eve of his Grandfather's funeral, a young man receives his inheritance. It is not a dowry of riches, but instead a simple manila envelope containing photographs and a letter. As the befuddled young man sifts through the worn and tattered photos he can not believe his eyes. The images are horrific. Image after image of dead bodies neatly stacked in rows. Ovens filled with half-burned human corpses. In shock, he slowly sifts past the horrible imagery to the letter, and reads his Grandfather's words, a powerful and impassioned recounting of that fateful day, April 11, 1945, when he and his company came upon the Buchenwald concentration camp.

Inheritance is a labor of love based on director Paul Cuoco's experience learning that his Grandfather was a liberator at the Buchenwald concentration camp during World War II. Using his Grandfather's photographs combined with thorough research, Cuoco crafted this film to honor his Grandfather and all of the men who witnessed these atrocities first hand, as well as to honor the memory of those who were forced to endure it.

All proceeds from the sale after production and duplication fees will be donated to the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust.

Harrison Young, Robert Olufs, Richard Meese

Best Dramatic Short at the 2007 Universal Studios Hollywood Employee Film Festival

Film Festivals:
2004 San Fernando Valley International Film Festival
2007 Universal Studios Hollywood Employee Film Festival

Title #264866
Format: DVD-R