The Institute of Séance (PAL Version)

The Institute of Séance (PAL Version)

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The Institute of Séance (PAL Version)

IMPORTANT: This DVD is the PAL version of the movie and will not play on U.S. TVs or DVD Players.

Never before has a motion picture dared to show the strange rituals of the supernatural world!

Murder! The director of the County Institute of Science is found dead in her office, clutching a handful of feathers. A pool of blood, a locked door, no witnesses--the local constabulary is confounded. The Institute's eccentric sponsor convenes a séance in hope of discovering the truth. Can the victim return from beyond the grave to offer a clue to her own demise? And if she does, will she come alone?

A short, fast-paced melodrama that features a murder mystery and surreal ghost effects - done in the style of a 1920's silent movie.

Includes an original score by Scott Radway.

Susie Anderson, Jim Haigney, Janet Benton, Sam Caggiula, Andrea Crawley, Larry Culkin, Eriko Takahashi, David Updike

Film Festivals:
Media Film Festival (February 2009)
Philadelphia CineFest (March 2009)
Main Line Film Festival (April 2009)
Maryland Film Festival (May 2009)

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