Demo Derby

Demo Derby

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Demo Derby

New Englander's claim it is a unique and original American sport. Southern boys agree, but argue over just where in America it originated. Sociologists see the roots of this sort of mechanical mayhem and wanton destructiveness in the thrill-seeking rabble-rousing entertainments of ancient Rome. Pure Americana or Classical derivative, "DEMO DERBY" has a special place in movie history.

In the summer of 1963, "DEMO DERBY" opened in Boston with "ROBIN AND THE SEVEN HOODS." The same day, in Hartford, New Haven and Worcester, it opened with "VIVA LAS VEGAS." In the next ten days, it was booked into 61 theaters all across New England. But when it was paired with The Beatles' "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT," it played on more than 6,000 screens, all across America. And after its spectacular first run, it continued to be booked into theaters and drive-ins for TEN MORE YEARS!

If you remember Madras shorts, penny loafers and crew cuts, don't be surprised if "DEMO DERBY" brings a smile. It's so real, so us, that by the time the show is over, you may have to look outside to be sure your old car isn't still there. So, turn your DVD player into a time machine and buckle up for a wild ride down memory lane.

WARNING: We, of the sixties generation, have been romanticized for our rebellious idealism. Unless you want your children (and grandchildren) to know just how incredibly naïve and innocent we really were, KEEP THIS DVD UNDER LOCK AND KEY!

Don McTavish, Bob Santos

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