In Sickness & In Health

In Sickness & In Health

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In Sickness & In Health

Live presentation/discussion DVD by Dr. William July & Jamey Lacy July (authors of the book A Husband, A Wife, & an Illness). Packed with over an hour of candid and realistic information, inspiration, and strategies for couples and individuals living with chronic illness. The DVD includes:
* A presentation by both authors
* Extended question & answer session
* Direct menu access to all PowerPoint slides

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"These people really get it! They know what we're going through because they are too." ~ Shelley E.

"My wife and I truly enjoyed the DVD, In Sickness & In was as apples of gold in silver carvings is a word spoken at the right time.[Prov. 25:11] The DVD and book will help us to start living life beyond illness." ~ R. Bagby family

"...Relevant, humorous, and wise" Tony W.

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