The Perfect Cappuccino

The Perfect Cappuccino

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The Perfect Cappuccino

Filmmaker Amy Ferraris is obsessed. Having first discovered the cappuccino on a trip to Italy in the early 90's, she comes back to American plagued by one seemingly unanswerable question: in the country that put a man on the moon, why is it so hard to find a decent cappuccino? Her attempt to answer this question takes her on a years-long odyssey... to Italy and back again... from Manhattan to middle America... and it gives her a front-row seat for a clash between corporate America and the individualism at the heart of the American dream. Part memoir and part investigation, THE PERFECT CAPPUCCINO is a smart, witty meditation on what our coffee habits say about us, as individuals and as a nation.

Pegasus News - Dallas, Texas
Tulsa World - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Film Festivals:
Hardacre Film & Cinema Festival
Tipton, Iowa - August 2008

Kansas International Film Festival
Overland Park (Kansas City), KS - September 2008

Thin Line Film Festival
Denton, TX - September 2008

Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
Hot Springs, AR - October 2008

Dallas Video Festival
Dallas, TX - November 2008

Asheville Film Festival
Asheville, NC - November 2008

Tulsa United Film Festival
Tulsa, OK - December 2008

Sedona International Film Festival
Sedona, AZ - February 2009

New Zealand - March 2009
Award Nominee - Best International Documentary

San Luis Obispo International Film Festival
San Luis Obispo, CA - March 2009

Indie Spirit Film Festival
Colorado Springs, CO - April 2009

Los Angeles United Film Festival
Los Angeles, CA - May 2009

Milano International Film Festival Awards
Milan, Italy - May 2009
Award Nominee - "In Good Company"

San Francisco United Film Festival
San Francisco, CA - June 2009

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