Soapmaking: for Fun or Profit
Produced by Silva Solutions, Inc.
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Soapmaking: for Fun or Profit

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Soapmaking: for Fun or Profit

Ninety-eight percent of the soaps on the market will not compare to your own creation with all the extras you can add - such as extra cream to create softer and smoother skin. Or extra olive oil to nourish and moisturize your skin as you shower. Any fragrance you desire in soap could be yours when you create your own. No more hunting for soaps with your special fragrance. You can now create your own at a fraction of the cost. Love the smell of lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, or even vanilla in your bath, then add these essential oils or fragrance oils. Or you can omit the fragrance all together and still have a superior bar of soap. Barbara Baker of Bakers' Acres wanted to have quality choices in soaps, but the hunt was becoming harder to find such soaps. So, she decided to create her own for herself and her family. In no time, friends and neighbors were asking her to show them how to make their own soaps. Barbara Baker thought that if her friends and neighbors loved the soaps she created, then maybe her customers will. The end result? Barbara could not stock her small farm store with sufficient bars of these homemade soaps. What sold most you are probably asking? Jasmine and the unscented soaps. Barbara Baker after trial and error has come up with a formula for great bars of soap every time. Allow her to guide you through this easy process of soap making step by step and enjoy luxuriating in a soap that is truly your own with your signature.

Barbara Baker

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Soapmaking: for Fun or Profit
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