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"Stringers" is a documentary short that takes viewers inside the workplace of independent video journalists, also known as "Stringers." Using refurbished police cars, scanners, video cameras and high-tech gadgetry, these men will stop at nothing to be the first on the scene of a fire, accident or violent crime in order to film the scene and sell the footage to news stations.

Filmed entirely in San Francisco, CA directors John Beck and Don R. Lewis are in the trenches with these men as they patrol the streets from dusk until dawn, hoping to capture breaking news on tape. "Stringers" shows what ends these men must go to in order to get their story as well as the effect it has on their personal lives.

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Audience Award Winner, Austin Film Festival, 2006

Film Festivals:
Austin Film Festival, 2006 (Winner: Audience Award)
Cinequest, 2007
Sonoma Valley Film Festival, 2007

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