Detour Into Madness Vol. 2
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Detour Into Madness Vol. 2

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Detour Into Madness Vol. 2

Timberwolf Presents 6 bold, daring and in your face short subjects from the twisted mind of writer / director Timothy Whitfield.

Not for the easily offended or faint of heart... this DVD includes six very different short subjects with six very different styles... From horror, to the supernatural... from drama to dark comedy, the stories on this DVD use the art of sex and violence to push them to the extreme!

The shorts on this disc include:

(2005 / 36min / Contains nudity, sexual content, rape, graphic violence, language)
Jillian Swanson stars as a troubled teenager who enters a motel room to kill herself, only to find escaped rapist and killer, Robert Richardson (Kevin Cirone) hiding inside.

(2006 / 21min / Contains graphic violence, gore, language, sexual content)
Two female lovers (Alexandra Cipolla, Sarah Nicklin) decide to capture and torture a known serial killer (William DeCoff). When things go too far, there may be no turning back for anyone.

(2005 / 25min / Contains nudity, strong sexual content, drug use, graphic violence, gore, language.)
Jillian Swanson and Michael DeFrancesco star as two coked out siblings who decide to kill a random hooker just for thrill of it. But when their victim returns.. Is it real? Or is it in their minds?

(2006 / 14min / Contains nudity, strong sexual content, gore, graphic violence, language)
A sexy teenager (Laura McCarthy) picks men at random to seduce and kill.. but has she met her match when she crosses paths with gay serial killer, Mr. Patrick (William DeCoff) ?

THE BOYFRIEND KILLERS (2005 / 14min / Contains language, violence, sexual innuendo)
Three rich teenage girls (Katherine Ryan, Molly Cranna, Brittney Laramee) decide to bait and kill one of their cheating boyfriends (Kal Thompson). Unfortunatly, he won't stay dead.

PLUS: The bonus short subject "SANITY OR SUVIVAL" from the "FORCED SURVIVAL" feature project.

Total running time approx. 125min.

Director's commentary on: Forced Survival, Call Girl, Lesser Of Two Evils and Sanity Or Survival.

Jillian Swanson, William DeCoff, Alexandra Cipolla, Kevin Cirone, Sarah Nicklin

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