Death Plots
produced by Jason L. Liquori
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Death Plots

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Death Plots

DEATH PLOTS is a new collection of shorts from Hocus Focus Productions! Debbie Rochon is back as Mistress Misty and she has more offspring to introduce as well as one that has grown up since THE LUNAR PACK.

"Death as a Salesman" follows Billy Woeman as he tries to make the toughest sell around.

Up next is "Sitting Vigil", which is the story of a desperate woman who takes on old Grim Himself in order to save her niece.

"Reaps: Central Florida Patrol" takes a comedic look at the troubles Grim Reapers face trying to take in spirits who aren't ready to go. It's shot in a familar reality show style.

The final and longest Movie is "My Stalker Death". Stripper Brandi is being followed by a man who she believes to be Death himself. Unable to take the stalking any longer she hires a private investigator to track down the unearthly culprit and find out what he wants. What the P.I. finds is that Death is in a race with the mob to find something only Brandi can lead them to. Can one Private Eye rescue a woman from the mob and avoid the Grim Reaper while solving a mystery?

Debbie Rochon, Joel D. Wynkoop, Melissa Morse, Lloyd Kaufman

Title #268292
Format: DVD-R