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A married couple have lost the ability to be truthful with each other--except during rough, anonymous role-playing sessions. An unmarried couple demand scrupulous honesty from each other and realize that they preferred the "necessary fictions" of their relationship. Inspired by Cassavetes' Faces and Vinterberg's Festen, Honey reclaims the realm of adult relationships from the staid language and conventions of contemporary cinema. Honey focuses on the smaller but more significant moments in relationships, where pain and joy do not announce themselves with sweeping music and soft lighting. Honey closes in on the fleeting, ineffable nature of understanding in intimate relationships, and the devastation that comes when communication breaks down but desire remains.

A Selection of the Harvard Film Archive's New American Independent Cinema 2007, featuring Independent Spirit nominees Anthony Leslie and Hilary Howard.

Christopher Michael Bauer, Laura Flanagan, Anthony Leslie, Ginette Rhodes

The screenplay for Honey was a semi-finalist in the Chesterfield Film Company's Writer's Film Project and a quarterfinalist in the Empire Screenplay Contest.

Film Festivals:
Harvard Film Archive New American Cinema 2007

Title #270215
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