Hidden World: Cymatics
John N. Campbell
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Hidden World: Cymatics

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Hidden World: Cymatics

In this short 5-minute film the work of German photographer Alexander Lauterwasser is presented in the context of Cymatics, the study of vibration and its effects on form-making. A brief history of Cymatic research is presented starting with the sound-figure experiments of Ernst Chladni and Hans Jenny. Alexander Lauterwasser is shown continuing the research that Chladni and Jenny began with his custom-built equipment that enables him to produce beautiful geometric patterns in substances ranging from sand to water. The connection of sound to organic patterns in nature and the philosophical implications are also addressed. The 5 minute running time is ideal for the classroom.

Televised Broadcasts:
Broadcast on MiND TV from 2008 to present

Alexander Lauterwasser

Title #270411
Format: DVD-R
Hidden World: Cymatics
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